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Essentials of Giving:


  • We are a listener supported Christian worship radio network.
  • What's your day? Day sponsorships starting at $1 a day. Our broadcasting costs about $1 per minute.  That is why we treasure gifts of $5 and $10.  We know what God can do in 5-10 minutes of programming!
  • Team 360 is a commitment of $1 a day, and qualifies you for a quarter day of broadcasting.  It is a wonderful way to honor someone in your life.
  • A full day of broadcasting is $1,500 and this commitment can be fulfilled anytime during 2012.
  • You can honor a person, event, church or business with your gift, with on-air mentions for the portion of the day you would like to sponsor.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are able to listen locally or online, but less than 3% have ever made a gift.


How will my contribution be used?  

Your contribution literally keeps Praise FM on the air day and night and goes toward important items that facilitate ministry like electricity, equipment, maintenance, phone lines, bandwidth, towers, transmitters, translators, antennas, music licensing, legal fees, salaries, promotion, live worship events and more. 

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes. Praise FM is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

How much do you need?

Our current operating budget as a network, including the recent addition of KNOF in St.Paul and Minneapolis, is just over one million dollars per year.

How do I make a contribution online?

Go to our donate page to easily and securely give online.

What is a Faith Promise?

A faith promise is pledging to give a gift to Praise FM and having faith that the Lord will provide for you to fulfill your pledge over the course of the next year.

Does my Faith Promise automatically renew after one year?

This is just one way that using your credit or debit card to fulfill your faith promise can simplify your giving. If you choose to make your monthly gifts with your credit or debit card, your faith promise will be automatically renewed until you ask us to stop the transactions. Faith promises fulfilled any other way are not automatically renewed at the end of the pledged year.

Why would I Register with Praise FM's Online Giving System?

After you register you will be able to:

  • Make donations by credit card through a secure interface.
  • Make a Faith Promise, and if you choose to donate by credit card your donations will automatically be processed.
  • Choose to receive your giving receipts via email.
  • See a history of your previous donations.
  • See a list of your pledges.

What happens when I Register?


When you register, your information is added to our database. If your information is already in our database we will compare and consolidate it with the new information so that you will have access to both present and past information about your donations. If your information is already in our database, there may be an interval of time between when you register and we consolidate information when you will be unable to log in again.

How does the Cart work?
The shopping cart stores any gifts or premiums that you have added. It gives you the ability to add a gift, then continue browsing other giving options or areas of the site without having to check out. Any gifts you add to your cart will be stored there until you either remove them or check out. If you would like to bypass the shopping cart and complete the giving process immediately, please click the Quick Gift option at the top of the screen. 

How do I know my information is secure?
Online Community uses SSL encryption for all pages, credit card numbers are encrypted in the database, and we will of course never pass your information on to any third party except for standard information to your credit card company in order to validate your card.

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