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95.3 Praise FM Partnership with North Central University


Photo by Jeff Hathaway Photography. 

Praise FM is grateful for an ongoing partnership with North Central University and it's 95.3 FM signal in the Twin Cities. The historic North Central University campus is located at the bottom of this skyline photo of downtown Minneapolis. This is also the current location of the 95.3 Praise FM studio where we broadcast live each day.

In the mid 1990’s when we received God’s call to switch our format from Christian Contemporary to Worship, we also had a strong sense that God would open the doors for us to broadcast in the Twin Cities and from there to many nations of the world.

It wasn’t until 13 years later that this promise from God would be fulfilled. In 2007, the late Grace Adam tranferred control of a radio station that she and her late husband Fred had founded decades earlier to North Central University, a historic Christian University in downtown Minneapolis. North Central began to search for a partner to lease this signal, and after much prayer and discernment asked Praise FM to join them in this adventure.

Praise FM began broadcasting on 95.3 FM KNOF in St Paul/ Minneapolis in early 2009 and and we are so thankful for the wonderful reception by the Twin Cities community.

Interestingly, Mrs. Adams received a strong sense from God decades ago that one day the KNOF signal would be broadcast to the nations of the world. This promise from God is now being fulfilled as people are tuning in to the Praise FM simulcast online from more than 150 nations of the world!


Who owns the 95.3 FM KNOF signal?

North Central University

What is Praise FM's role?

North Central University has graciously partnered with us on a long term lease agreement.

Praise FM leases the 95.3 FM KNOF signal from North Central University and is responsible for broadcasting on this signal from a studio on the campus of North Central University, which is located in downtown Minneapolis. 

Does North Central University Own Praise FM?

No.  Praise FM is a separate organization that actually began in 1985 with our first station in Osakis Minnesota.  We now have stations in Willmar and Milbank S.D. with translators in Aberdeen, S.D. and Marshall, MN. KNOF (95.3 Praise FM) is the only station that we lease in our network of stations. 

Who Pays for the Operation of 95.3 Praise FM?

The day-to-day financial needs of 95.3 Praise FM are funded by the generous donations of our listeners. North Central University is not responsible for these costs, and as stated above, Praise FM makes monthly lease payments to North Central University for the use of the 95.3 FM KNOF (operating as 95.3 Praise FM) signal. North Central University is not responsible for any operational debt incurred by 95.3 Praise FM.

More about the specific details of finances for 95.3 Praise FM here.


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