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Summer Celebration

A miracle can happen in a moment. Today you and I will live through 1,440 minutes. This year we’ll be given 525,600 of those 60-second windows. When God touches just one of those minutes it becomes a moment of eternal impact. A miracle only takes a moment.

At Praise FM we see miracle-moments happen every day, as ordinary times and ordinary places come alive as encounters with the Living God.

“Linda” (not her real name) wrote us recently with one of those miracle-moment stories. Early one morning she was driving over icy roads in Western Minnesota, headed to pick up one of her children – from the police station. It was a terrifying and heartbreaking time. Then when Linda tuned to Praise FM, the atmosphere – and her soul – suddenly shifted. The music, scriptures, prayers and simple stories seemed intended just for her. She suddenly found herself calm and with growing faith. Those miles of fear became moments of wonder, and God began to redeem her family tragedy.

Through each of today’s 1,440 minutes Praise FM will broadcast opportunities like the one Linda experienced. These are opportunities for thousands of listeners, including you, your family and those you may never meet until heaven. In each of these moments someone connects with God, perhaps for the first time.

You have had a hand in instigating these moments of grace. Your prayers and your partnership have helped create platforms of miracles.

Praise FM is standing on the threshold of amazing opportunities here in the Upper Midwest and around the world. To move through these doors we need your prayer and provision, particularly this summer.

One minute of broadcast on Praise FM represents $1 of investment. Many listeners choose to sponsor one minute a day, at $30 a month. If you are one of those partners, we want to say thank you on behalf of Linda and our thousands of listeners who look to Praise FM to stay focused on Jesus throughout their day. If you haven’t already committed to giving monthly, we would like to challenge you to consider such a partnership.  And please know that for every broadcast minute you make possible we are deeply grateful.

Together, advancing the wonder of worship!

David McIver
Executive Director

P.S. Currently, 2% of our listeners give financially. Our prayer this summer is to hear from 50 new partners making a monthly gift. You can be one of those 50 by giving now online, or by calling us at 1-800-658-2229.

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Celebration FAQ

What is a Celebration?
Celebration is our bi-annual fundraiser that sets the pace for our yearly budget.  Twice a year we set aside 2 or 3 days to ask you to be a part of the story in encouraging believers in abiding in Christ, and sharing the Good News of Christ.

How is my contribution used?
Your contribution is chiefly to impact lives and families across the listening areas through worship.  It literally keeps Praise FM on the air day and night and goes toward electricity, equipment, maintenance, phone lines, bandwidth, towers, transmitters, translators, antennas, music licensing, legal fees, salaries and more. 

Is my contribution tax deductable?
Yes, Praise FM is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Do you really need my contribution?
Yes, because we are non-commercial, we depend on your contribution.  

How much do you need?
Our goal for our Praise FM Celebrations vary. 

How can I give?
You can give a one-time gift or set up a monthly gift through your credit/debit card safely and securely here, or you can call 1-800-658-2229.

What’s a faith promise?
A faith promise is pledging to give a gift to Praise FM and having faith that the Lord will provide for you to fulfill your pledge within the coming year or more.

What’s a day sponsor?
Day sponsors make part or all of a broadcast day possible.  When you become a day sponsor, you’re able to pick a date and time for your sponsorship spot to air and you get to pick what the spot says.  You get to share special thoughts and commemorate your special event with our entire listening family!  Plus, you’re helping to change lives through worship with your gift!

Day sponsorship levels?
Quarter day of broadcasting (includes 3 spots) - $360 one-time gift or $30 monthly
Half day of broadcasting (includes 6 spots) - $750 one time gift, or $60 monthly
Full day of broadcasting (includes 12 spots) - $1,500 one-time gift, or $125 monthly

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