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Who is God?

Reading the Scriptures with God in mind.

Our Praise FM Executive Director, David McIver inspires us to read the Scriptures asking: “Who is God?” Discover more of God, what he is like, and how he relates with real people with real circumstances. We will discover that seeing and beholding God in the Scriptures brings the greatest amount of joy. He is, after all, our source of joy, and knowing Him more is the most important and rewarding task we have been given in this life. 

Who is God? He Shows Us Hope Beyond Comprehension

Genesis 15:6 - "And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness."  


Who is God? In Genesis 15...
He continues to reveal His character and purposes as we walk with Him.  (verse 1) 
He commands us not to fear, because He is our shield and reward.  (verse 1) 
He brings us to a place where we can look up and see what He has spoken into being.  (verse 5)  
He shows us hope that is beyond our ability to count or comprehend.  (verse 5) 
When we believe Him, He declares that we are righteous.  (verse 6) 
He desires that we know for certain who holds the future.  (verse 13) 
He decrees and brings judgement.  (verse 14)  
After we believe, He answers our questions with a visible covenant.  (verse 18)


Oh Father, thank you for walking with me and revealing who you are along the way.  This is reason enough to journey with you!  Fear has no place in my heart in light of my shield and reward.  Oh the delight of looking up and not being able to count what you have spoken into being.  Thank you for showing me the familiar and visible, to help me trust the invisible. I believe You, and receive right standing from you alone.   Thank you for encounters that begin with a question, and end with a covenant.

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