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Who is God?

Reading the Scriptures with God in mind.

Our Praise FM Executive Director, David McIver inspires us to read the Scriptures asking: “Who is God?” Discover more of God, what he is like, and how he relates with real people with real circumstances. We will discover that seeing and beholding God in the Scriptures brings the greatest amount of joy. He is, after all, our source of joy, and knowing Him more is the most important and rewarding task we have been given in this life. 

Who is God? He Invites Us to What He Prepares for Us

Genesis 13:17 - 
"Arise, walk through the length and the breadth of the land, for I will give it to you." 


Who is God? In Genesis 13, 
All of the livestock, silver, and gold that we possess, really belongs to Him.  
He brings us back to places where we worshipped Him long ago.  
He is Holy and our sin is against Him.  
He invites us to lift up our eyes and see what He has prepared for us.  
His blessing extends to generations. 
He invites us to walk through the length and the breadth of what He has prepared for us.  


Father, all that I have is a gift from you.  All of the gold and silver belongs to you.  Show me any place of worship that I need to return to.  Help me to remember things spoken long ago.  I could lift my eyes and choose for myself, but I choose you.  I can try to justify my sin, but it is against you.  I hear your invitation to lift my eyes in worship, and wonder at what you have prepared for me and my children.  Oh, the length and breadth of your promise.  Oh, the joy of walking with you.

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